Pier 2 Terminal

Honolulu Harbor

Title: Water: A Point of Departure


Medium: acrylic on Dacron sailcloth, aluminum frames


Description: Cruise Ship patrons are greeted by this art. Woman in water contemplates taking to sea on an adventure. Painted on "well voyaged sails".(Continues the narrative from Arcade triptych.) These 6 panels depict the swimmer entering and interacting with the underwater environment at a cruise ship terminal Installed at Pier 2 Terminal, cruise boat passenger check in. An adventurer considers embarking on a journey...recycled sails give nod to past ocean voyaging and environmental considerations. Triptych, a golden section vertical, horizontal and square.


Competition: Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Art in Public Places


Site: Pier Two Terminal, Honolulu Harbor, Honolulu , HI


Installation: 2009


Dimensions: 8 feet by 26 feet by 2 inches